Two minutes of noise for the NHS and the art of self-isolation

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Last night at around 8pm, something quite spectacular happened: En masse, the UK took a few minutes out of its prolonged panic and self-isolated worry to take to their doorsteps and applaud the people who have emerged as the real MVPs in this time of crisis - the NHS.

If this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that it’s not the ‘wealth creators’ and the billionaires that are the backbone of our society - it’s the people propping the rest of us up and the fact that these everyday heroes were given such a monumental sign of respect last night was truly heartwarming.

Indeed, whilst the coronavirus has proven itself to be a cataclysm so dense it makes Brexit look like little more than a wet fart, by comparison, it has also catalysed that famous ‘blitz spirit’ that has been missing from our ranks for so long. Nowhere is this more obvious than amongst our assorted creatives.

There have been hundreds of creatives kicking back against corona

This week, there have been hundreds of examples of creatives kicking back against corona and reflecting on the events in a manner that verges from the comedic to the genuinely profound. Here, I’ve decided to highlight a few of my favourites in an effort to keep the wheels of positivity spinning for as long as possible, throughout the weekend and beyond.

If I've missed anything exceptional, please feel free to tell me so in the comments below and point me in the right direction.

Stay safe everyone… and wash your damn hands!

#ClapForOurCarers and #StopPanicBuying by art director Stephen O’Neill (header image)


No further explanation necessary for the first one folks. The #StopPanicBuying piece, however, surely deserves a little more exposure. Marking a mobilisation against the scourge of panic buying (in this case, obviously toilet paper), there’s something so undeniably ‘punk’ about this that I just love.

Words at the Window by Shutterstock’s Stephen Lovekin


Shutterstock’s editorial photographer was looking for ways to help people feel more connected to the outside world even though we are all literally separated from one another. He asked neighbours to share a message with the world whether they be personal, political, or spiritual.

Coronavirus PSA by Ian Perkins - ECD at Name and Name


A simple and elegant idea that makes the point without coming across as patronising or cynical.

Stay at Home by the BBC

The BBC this week launched a series of films on television and social media with clips from classic programmes to help communicate essential health messages to the British public during the coronavirus crisis. Short archived clips from Miranda, The Thick Of It, and The Mighty Boosh have been shown on junctions on BBC television and social media all week, each selected to help convey the on-screen message to ‘seriously, stay at home’.

Against Plague Monsters by graphic designer Saki Matsumoto


A truly bonkers response to the pandemic that imagines COVID-19 as a malevolent green ball and… honestly, the rest is open to interpretation.

St Luke’s - Stay at Home Logo


St Luke’s have created a social media-friendly call to arms. The logo, to be shared online, simply reverses the instantly recognised National Health Service (NHS) logo, to reinforce the message STAY HOME NOW (SHN).

Coronavirus Outbreak in Italy by filmmaker Mario Corrado

A sobering mini-documentary about the status quo of the outbreak in Italy, the country arguably most tragically hit by the disease.

Informational Website on Coronavirus by Chris Zammit - digital creative director at LeoVegas


Information has never been more vital than at this current moment in time and even pandemics needs branding.


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