Seven talks to see at Connect: London 2018

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There's less than two weeks to go until Connect: London, a new creative festival that will see two days of insight, inspiration and thought-provoking conversation take place at Boiler House, Old Truman Brewery.

With so much on the agenda such as panel sessions, keynote interviews and a range of networking opportunities, we've compiled a list of seven top talks to base your diary around and get you started...




1. Gen Z burning down the house. Is your brand in flames?

Learn how Gen Z is taking control in a world liberated by technological advancement with a panel featuring ZAK, Universal Music, Outsiders, Vice and New Balance.


2. Welcome to the age of creativity.

This session will put creativity forward as the most valued skill in the workplace and what that means for brands and agencies in terms how to adapt. The topic will be explored through four key topics: making, hacking, teaching and thieving. On the panel are Utopia, Mr President, The Boom! and Herd Consultancy.


3. ‘Better, faster, more efficient’ – a Q&A with Sir Martin Sorrell


Find out about the ways in which S4 Capital and MediaMonks are looking to disrupt the industry structure in a live Q&A with Sir Martin Sorrell and Michael Tomes, founder of Creativepool.


4. Diversity & inclusion – a little less conversation, time for action!

A session aiming to move on from discussing the value of diversity to encouraging action. The conversation will focus on practical ways organisations can create more accessibility for those entering the creative industries from diverse backgrounds. Appearing will be Creative Mentor Network, The Creative Engagement Group, Facebook and We Are Social.


5. What the f*ck is content?

This debate explores this modern behemoth of the comms world and asks if we need to define it or if this very diversity is what makes it an essential marketing tool. From feature length films with movie stars and big bucks directors to three second instagram gifs, has any creative tool encompassed as broad an approach as content? JSR Content, Joe Media, The Economist, BBC, Ogilvy One and Facebook will feature.


6. Liberating the creative voice: a fireside chat with Sir John Hegarty


One's been in the industry for 50 years and the other is still on his first ad job. BBH founder Sir John Hegarty will appear in conversation with Whalar's chairman and CEO, Neil Waller, to discuss the democratisation of creativity thanks to recent technological advances.


7. The effect of the side hustle: better work or compromised work?

Finally, this session explores how it’s never been easier to start a business from your bedroom and looks at how second jobs are affecting the industry. Creature, Power Suit Struggle and freelancer Rebecca Rowntree with thrash out the pros and cons.


The above is just a handful of the events taking place at Connect: London 2018 on Wednesday 21 and Thursday 22 November but there is so much more to see and do.

The event will also wrap with the iconic Creativepool Pool Party, which is free to attend on the second day of the festival. View the full agenda and book tickets here.


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