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This Country is a mockumentary featuring comic siblings Daisy May and Charlie Cooper. The pair play cousins Kerry and Lee ‘Kurtan’ Mucklowe who live in a picturesque, rural village in The Cotswolds.

The premise is that a film crew follows the Mucklowes’ lives in their close-knit community, where young people are typically stigmatised and marginalised. But the feckless cousins constantly squabble as they struggle to retain respect amongst their neighbours. The opening episode mainly revolves around Laser Quest-loving Kurtan’s deluded attempts to win the first prize at the annual Scarecrow festival. He misguidedly thinks he has it all sewn up only to find that his shabby exhibit is so far away from the action that nobody is going to see it, never mind vote for it, so he has to hatch a dodgy plot to secure a victory. Other episodes include “Oven Space’, “Mandy'(the local tattoo artist), King Of The Nerds, GNVQ and Peeping Tom.


Project featured: on 18th January 2021

This Country


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