A huge problem affecting the health of our seas and the world's marine life is ‘ghost gear’: lost, abandoned or discarded fishing nets, cages and traps. Made from durable Nylon 6 plastic yarn, they can take decades to break down and travel vast distances upon ocean currents. All the while, the gear does what it’s designed to do – catch and kill marine life.

BBC StoryWorks team produced an emotional and informative film documenting the clean-up of an abandoned fish farm by the NGO Healthy Seas in the waters surrounding Ithaca, Greece. The farm was wreaking havoc on the environment and the livelihoods of local fishermen.

The documentary focused mainly on the NGO's work, linking the common environmental goals with Hyundai's commitment to developing a circular economy. In giving a platform to the voice of a tiny island community and their suffering, the film gives kudos to Hyundai's commitment to progress.


Native Advertising Award
World Media Award


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  • Ruth HollandExecutive Producer & Lead Creative
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