Baxter & Bailey Brighton


Creating a contemporary campaign with a capital C.

Cardiff Metropolitan University is an amazing institution with a strong sense of belonging. It sits within a global capital, a city filled with world-class arts, culture and sport. So, when we were asked to create a three-year campaign that would show prospective students why the university is so special, we used this idea of the capital: as a place of ideas, a concentration of culture. A single, distinctive place that sums up the spirit of something larger. And since university is a place where you can become your best self, we branded it: The Capital of You. Our dual-language brand messaging draws on the music and poetry that the Welsh are famous for and aims to convey the passionate nature of the Welsh character. We developed easy-to-use guidelines, campaign animations, a UCAS exhibition and a colourful collection of roll-out communications. The end result is a campaign that places the student at its heart. It showcases a place where things are concentrated. Where ideas are sharpest, where passions are most powerful. Where you are your truest self. The capital of you.


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