About us

For over a decade we’ve been producing content for global industry leading publishers, broadcasters, platforms and brands.

Our award-winning digital channels are some of the world’s biggest online factual brands.

Sharing amazing true stories from across the world, our channel, Barcroft TV, consistently receives 75 million unique views per month on YouTube, whilst we partner with more than 50 global platforms.

Our unrivalled distribution network, Barcroft WIRE, means our content is shared across leading digital publishers and platforms, including MSN, Yahoo! View, AOL, Weibo, Facebook and Amazon.

We also produce high-end television for the world’s leading networks. Barcroft Productions creates premium popular factual programming for the world’s leading broadcasters, such as National Geographic Channel, Discovery Networks, the BBC and Channel 4, amongst others.

With our unique knowledge of digital content, we natively understand how to engage and mobilise modern multiplatform audiences.




Digital Media Award


Playstation, Porsche, Unilever

51-100 People
Creativepool member since 14 September 2017