Top 20 illustrations to get you inspired today

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From digital to 3D, editorial and packaging, a collection of the best and most inspiring illustrations from last year.

Nothing like a good year stuck at home to get you inspired. Right? If you’re like me, by now you have realised that being unable to see the world and being stuck in your own bubble is not exactly good fuel for your creative juices.

Still, 2020 was a great year for illustration. If you’re looking for some inspiration to get you through yet one more lockdown, look no further – we have collected the top examples of illustrations from the Creativepool community below.

The best illustrations (and illustrators) to fuel your inspiration

The list below does not exclusively include personal projects or fine art illustrations. You’ll find a good blend of commercial projects, editorial projects, packaging, bottle labels, 3D works and more for all your illustration needs.

Without further ado, here’s the best illustrations of 2020, courtesy of the top and most exciting illustrators on Creativepool.

Golden Axe

By Javier Medellin Puyou


Book Cover: The Seventh Perfection

By FeiFei Ruan


Verona, City Header for Culture Trip

By Alexandra Wong



By Marianna Orsho


WW Magazine - The Power of Now

By Zara Picken



By Ben the Illustrator


Artificial Intelligence Magazine Cover

By Youssef Khalil


Portrait for NHS Heroes

By Studio Morales


Midnight Oil

By Cosmo Mulford


Get Your Skates On! for Boots Opticians

By Paul Pateman


Illustrated Song - Payne's Bay (Beirut)

By Barbara Ana Gomez


Editorial Illustration for NBC / P&G

By Anastasia Beltyukova


Old Man Co Tu

By James Birks


Adidas Elements Concept Art

By Martin Reznik


The Study of Ancient Towns in China

By Yukai Du


Tired & Full of Holes

By Chelsea Mann


Weekly Graphic News (Excerpt)

By Mihai Tigleanu


The Big Book of Weather

By Stuart Holmes


The Royal Mint - Annual Sets 2020

By Sinelab



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