LEAP worked with creative agency Atomic and Ptarmigan Media to provide transcreation and cross-cultural validation, as well as integrated advertising production for the global campaign to announce the merger of AXA and XL Group Ltd.

First, LEAP’s dedicated Language and Culture team coordinated an initial native insight stage to enable the client to develop a creative approach with the confidence that the B2B and B2C campaigns would be well-received in key markets. Then, LEAP’s Language and Culture experts prepared a comprehensive brief including brand guidelines, audience insights and campaign aims.

Next, LEAP’s transcreation account managers brought together a specialist team of financial and creative writers to craft creative copy for their respective markets. Working with the client’s agency to serve as AXA XL Catlin’s brand guardian, the team ensured that all assets had a local flavour, while also maintaining brand cohesion and consistency across markets.

Following the creative development stage, LEAP’s integrated advertising production teams produced and delivered the multichannel campaign assets including press, print, digital animated HTML banners, digital static ads, OOH and DOOH. The combined efforts of the LEAP teams resulted in a carefully considered, attractively executed series of localised global marketing messages that enabled AXA XL Catlin to successfully announce its merger.

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