Asja Geppini Freelance Patter Maker & 3D Prototypist


- create, amend and finish patterns of tailored garments for fashion shows and private clients
- patterns grading in all sizes
- analyze existing garments (including a wedding dress and couture) and create patterns
- work with patterns and toiles on dummy
- draping
- fabrics lay plan done in the most cost effective way and cutting
- communicate with the seamstress helping to solve issues
- sew by hand finalized garments
- fitting with VIP/private clients

All the images come from the official Emilio de la Morena website and have been exhibited here with the sole purpose of showing my Portfolio and what I helped create with the Team as an Assistant Pattern Maker.

Date published: 17 March 2021 2021-03-17T11:46:03+0000


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  • * Asja GeppiniPattern Maker Assistant and Studio Manager Assit

Manual Pattern Creation



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