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My focus for this image was the colour and symbols, I wanted to get strong imagery of choice or duality, I added a few other things such as the child being above the viewer and holding the single pin which represents the child in a septate form to you, your strongest pin is your child and they can not comprehend that as you understand it. Or 'I love you more than you know'.

There are always things that you can do better or add, most of the time went into the cloth elements but I could have focused more, also had an idea to create a crown but I scraped it (then in the paint up wanted to add it back) and have something written on the platform but what, so I left it out... so many things.

Someone who loves you...

your child is very important, they are your future and the future, regardless.
No one alive will ever have the opportunity to love them like you can, the value they possess merely by existing, is something that you: would not only die for, you would live a life of suffering for, give your soul to protect and hope with all the agency you have that they feel your blessings, grow from your guidance, have a greater sense of joy within. Or 'have a better time than yourself'.

You, create the most profound meaning in the universe... you are very special.

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