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Case History of social advertising project against domestic violence.
An innovative way to use the new face ID technology on iPhone X.
Future Lions 2018

Art Direction & editing: Elena Casartelli, Daniele Franchi, Denise Sagucio.
Voice Over: Martina Ambruosi

Oprah Winfrey, Malala Yousafzai, Adele, Beyoncé, Madonna, Michelle Obama, Emma Watson, Viola Davis.

How many women are victim of domestic violence?
We don’t know it because their silence has no numbers.

Is it unstoppable?

Apple presents Uncover, combining New Face ID with camera.
Face ID can recognize day by day if you have some changes on your face.

People take selfies in their best moment covering their imperfection.

When you create your Apple ID you can chose to activate Uncover.

Not always women take a selfie but all of them unlock their Iphone.

If they do it after a domestic violence Face ID can recognize livid on the face comparing hundreds of previous scans. If it finds suspicious variation on your face it will sent you a notification.

You can chose to make a call, to a dear friend or a free number.

Uncover your face. Uncovering problems to Uncover you!


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