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My name is Anton and I am half Irish half Dutch. I moved to London two years ago to peruse what I am best at, being in a creative environment, surrounded by musical and artistic influences. I am currently looking for work in a more creative sector and would like to work closer with people as my strong point is communication. I am a fast learner and am keen to be involved in a new challenge, however, when it comes to music I am more than capable no matter what aspect and can be placed wherever needed.

I am available to work full time and when given the chance, I would like to be involved in something where the hours won't matter. I pursue a career in music and have a good understanding of the composing side as well as a growing interest in the business side. I understand where to place a piece of music in relation to visuals and am good at getting the point across with the right blend of intensity to compliment what's being shown. I have worked amongst many big time producers and artists and hope to be there myself in the near future but would like I expand my skills where ever I can in the mean time.

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