Annual 2023 Terms and Conditions

  1. The Creativepool Annual 2023 is open to Submissions from agencies, individuals, brands, freelancers, and holding companies worldwide (Entrants).
  2. Multiple Submissions can be made in the same and/or different categories.
  3. The number of Submissions by Entrants is not limited.
  4. Submissions must have been released between 1st January 2022 to 25th May 2023
  5. In the event that a Judge queries the eligibility of a Submission, the Entrant will be required to provide evidence to demonstrate the Submission is eligible.
  6. Entrants must upload Submissions to their respective Creativepool profile, complete the submission process and follow all required instructions to have the Submission considered.
  7. All Submissions must be original and must be the works and property of the Entrant, without limitation. All Entrants warrant that the Submission, including all of its elements, will not infringe any third party's rights.
  8. Entrants grant Creativepool full rights and permissions to reproduce Submissions in both print and digital forms. Creativepool is not liable for any actions or claims coming from these publications. Creativepool will credit Submissions when used.
  9. All information on your Creativepool profile will be used to credit the Submission. The Entrant is responsible for filling out all necessary Made It Credits where applicable. Creativepool will endeavour to verify this information, but accepts no responsibility for incorrect information provided.
  10. When Submissions are submitted on behalf of clients by agencies, individuals, or other groups, the Entrant is responsible for obtaining and/or ensuring client permission and approval. Creativepool will not be liable for any claims relating to Submissions being included in the Annual, in all digital and print forms, that breaks or is contrary to the client contract with respect to reproducing works.
  11. Creativepool reserves the right to cancel or delete Submissions that it deems non-compliant with these rules and/or contractual/legal guidelines, without limitation.
  12. If any issues arise which would cause the cancelling or deletion of a Submission, no refund will be provided.
  13. Submissions will be considered by a judging process in which representative(s) from Creativepool and specially selected individuals will evaluate each eligible Submission as required by each category. The judges' decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into regarding such conclusions.
  14. Selected Entrants will receive notification by email. If an Entrant cannot be reached or verified, or if an Entrant is otherwise unable to accept, the Submission will be forfeited and another Entrant will be selected at Creativepool and the judges' discretion.
  15. Entrants can enter from 2nd February 2023 to 27th April 2023. Late submissions outside are accepted until the 25th May 2023
  16. We are able to send copies of VAT invoices for Submission fees upon request. To request an invoice, please send a request to [email protected]. We cannot invoice for Submissions before payment.
  17. Upon confirmation, all Submissions are non-refundable.
  18. By submitting work, the Entrant shows their agreement to these Terms and Conditions.
  19. We do not accept physical samples of your Submissions unless absolutely required. If you would like to send us work in the post, then please get in touch with [email protected]