Annual 2021

Looking to have your work recognised by your peers and seen by agencies, brands and creatives across the globe?

We are looking for the best work from across the creative sector to put in the hands of industry leaders, on agency coffee tables and across the creative sector.


  • Winning work and shortlisted names published in all Annuals

  • Winners receive Limited Edition Gold, Silver or Bronze hardcover Annual

  • 5,000 copies landing on desks of the world’s best companies

  • Distinguished at the private Annual launch party

  • Free Pro Membership for Winners and Shortlist

  • Shortlist and Winner badge on your Creativepool page, improving your ranking

  • Global judging panels of brand marketers and agency leaders

  • The only creative award with People’s Choice. Democratise your network

  • Feedback given to all entrants from judging panel

The Process


We welcome submissions from all members of the community, both existing and new. All work has to have been released to the public from 1st January 2020 to 27th May 2021. Work is submitted by uploading your work to your profile on Creativepool first (this can be marked as only for the judges view) and then submitting your entry along with further supporting evidence.


Once the submissions have been collated, Creativepool will produce a shortlist in conjunction with the applicable judging individuals. The shortlist will be passed on to our judging panels who will join together to score the work received (see below).

People's Choice

The Annual is the only creative awards that has a People's Choice element to it. This is completely separate to the judges vote and the voting/scores for one does not influence the other. In the People's Choice portion of the awards entrants are encouraged to get their networks to vote for their submissions. This is not mandatory but is an exciting way for entrants to be able to celebrate that they have been shortlisted for the award and engages people from across the global creative community to come and see the work on offer. People can vote in as many categories as they wish but can vote only once in each category and for each person/company.

Judging Criteria

Each project/case study that is entered into The Annual is scored on it’s own merit. None of the pieces of work “compete” against any other piece of work. The judges look at your entry in isolation and will score this accordingly. Your final score and whether or not you are will receive a Gold, Silver or Bronze is down to your averaged score from each of the judges. We have adapted our own version of the Leo Burnett Human Kind Scale as a guideline for our judges. This is what is used for all categories except those that are “skills” based eg. Illustration, Photography, Production and Post Production.

The Scale for judging is as follows:

  • 10. An idea that changes how things are viewed/done forever
  • 9. A visionary creative idea that changes behaviour
  • 8. An idea and execution that enriches lives
  • 7. An idea that inspires
  • 6. An idea that has potential
  • 5. I understand what they are looking to do
  • 4. No perceivable purpose
  • 3. Pointless
  • 2. No idea
  • 1. Destructive
Judges Feedback

It has always been an important part of the creative sector that feedback is given to help those in the industry to grow. We have fully embraced this concept and at the end of the process and after the Annual Launch Party we collate all of the comments left by judges and send out individual pieces of constructive feedback to all entrants. It is our way of giving back to those who have taken the time to be a part of our awards.

Individual v Company Entries

Companies can enter into every category on offer.

Individual entries DO NOT compete directly with company entries. Individuals can only enter into these categories: 3D, Animation, Application, Branding, Graphic, Illustration, Interior, Music & Sound, Photography, Product / Industrial, Production, Social, Typography, Wave (Innovation), Web


At the end of the judging process, we award 4 types of winners. With an average score of more than 7 awarded Bronze, 8 and above Silver, 9 and above a Gold. If any piece of work receives a 9.5 or above then the winners will receive the Grand Prix.

All of those that make the shortlist are invited to join us at Banking Hall for the Annual Launch Party, an awards ceremony like no other!

Winner Benefits

All winning work is included in the winners trophy hardback Annuals as well the 5,000 softcover versions that are distributed globally to brands and agencies. All Shortlisted entrants are also listed in each Annual.

All winners receive a 3 month free Pro Account on Creativepool, an exclusive Gold, Silver, Bronze or this years coloured (for people's choice) Annual with the winners name and category on the front. A winning or shortlist badge is placed on your profile that will help you get more easily found in search and will increase your ranking points on Creativepool.

Key Dates

  • 4th March
    Early Bird Opens
  • 7th April
    Early Bird Ends
  • 27th May
    Submissions Close
  • 10th June
    Late Submissions Close
  • 1st July
    Shortlist Announced
  • 21st July
    Judging/People’s Choice Begins
  • 16th July
    People’s Choice Closes
  • 9th September
    Annual Launch