Anneli Sandstrom Senior Graphic Designer /​ Packaging Designer


Women and children with Albinism are in a very vulnerable situation in Uganda (and the rest of Africa) due to stigmas, believing having sex with a young woman with Albinism will heal you, believing a body part of a child with albinism will give you wealth. The women at Mama Mzungu are creating economic empowerment, a safe space and cracking down on the stigmas of Albinism.
Mama Mzungu is a natural brand which will give just not the women and children a future but also change people’s prejudgements about Albinism in Uganda.
A natural modern brand that works in the local markets in Uganda but also in the Eco shop in Brighton. The font was chosen to highlight the handmade and also connect the African origin. With limited printing facilities and finances we created a brand which is easy to apply, black and white, using a cost effective and natural material for the packaging.


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