Online security: What To Think Of When Sending Your Photos To Strangers

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If you’re dating in the modern world, you’re sending selfies to people who are essentially strangers; that’s just the way of the world these days. Selfies have come to dominate the modern marketplace of interaction. With this in mind, it’s wise to be strategic when you’re sending them.

First, you want to send the right selfies to the right people. Second, you want to assure you’re only sending what you mean to. In this writing, we’ll explore a few things you definitely want to think about when you’re sending selfies to people you haven’t met in the real world; whether for dating, tantalization, or some other purpose.


Nothing Ever Goes Away

Here’s something you need to think about: the internet is backed up on multiple internationally diverse servers worldwide. This means whatever you put on the internet will stay on the internet. Yes, your smartphone is the internet—you’re not going to have any dating sites which don’t use some web function. Smartphones are the “Internet of Things”, or IoT.

So whatever you post to whoever you post will be on the web forever. Even if you’re just sending text messages, these can be acquired by clever hackers utilizing entrusted WiFi. If you’re okay with that, send those nude selfies. But if you’re not, don’t. Remember, everything we do is monitored and stored by multiple diverse governments. For the most part, this doesn’t matter. A pretty picture of you on the beach is just going to be positive for whoever sees it.

However, there is this consideration: when you’re posting selfies, things in the background can identify who you are and where you are outside of your direct intentions. So even if you’re okay with posting tantalizing photos, ask yourself: should you send a sexy selfie from your present location, or should you make the background more neutral? You can learn about how to take sexy selfies by clicking here.

Even fairly innocuous things can totally reveal who you are, and where you live. A family portrait in the background can include a Baby Boomer who isn’t savvy with the internet and conducts business in such a way that they put their address on display. Be careful not to incidentally give yourself away.

Be Sure The Selfies You Take Are The Selfies You Intend

If you’re doing something professional, or something in the dating game, you want your selfie to show your best side. There’s some subtlety here. If you’re doing selfies from too high an angle, or with too many filters, then those who see them will automatically think you’re trying to hide something.

But if you’re honest, yet catch a picture with a bad angle or lighting, then they could get the wrong idea as well. What you’re looking to do is find the best ways of making a perfect selfie. Remember several things. One, “perfect” is the enemy of “good enough”. Strive too hard for perfection, and it will elude you with greater expedience. But try too little, and you get that one funky picture you’re embarrassed of.

What you want to do is try to be honest. The models want you to think that smiling isn’t sexy. Well, have you ever met a ninety-pound “serious” mainstream model? They are not very sexy in real life, because they never eat; so they’re always hungry and look too thin, making them irritable. That’s not what anybody really wants. True beauty is encapsulated in joy.

Certainly, for some, a more serious, sensual expression is best. And don’t you prefer those who would look at your pictures to themselves be of a joyful disposition? The truth is, smiles go a long way to making even plain individuals look gorgeous.

Sending The Best Photos

There are a lot of things to think about when it comes to taking excellent selfies intended for those you’ve never met in person. You want to think about who is looking at them, and the ultimate destiny of what you put online. Also, it’s wise to seek authenticity in terms of the selfies you take. Humour, joy—these things are quite attractive.