Angela Rahe-Blomfield Managing & Creative Director


In conjunction with Piksel Ltd, PeaPancake has been involved with multiple projects for Channel 4.

The most recent and exciting is the new redesign of the 4oD iPhone and iPad apps. The conceptual design was created by an external agency but Angela was tasked with being the delivery designer for iOS to ensure that all screens and elements worked across both iPad and iPhone and still had a strong relationship with the design that was being created for Channel 4 website and the launch of their new brand All 4. There is much more to come with Channel 4’s apps!

Previously to this project, I have been involved with the development of several areas on the previously design iOS 4oD apps as well as the initial launch of 4oD on the new Xbox One platform and Windows 8 phones.

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Date published: 14 April 2015 2015-04-14T12:28:20+0100
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iOS App Design for Channel 4 and All 4