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Made for Drink - Premium Bar Snacks

The Brief
Made for Drink has a unique portfolio & product positioning within the snacking category. We needed the packaging to match this uniqueness in look, format, retail merchandising opportunities and material choice. Based on a corporate initiative to “do more”, by becoming Carbon Neutral and Plastic Free, a radically different packaging strategy was required. This step change was an opportunity to create a pack that drove brand recognition, hit premium aesthetic notes and, of course, to highlight the drinks pairing unique to Made for Drink products.​​​​​​​

Our Approach
We defined 2 sets of complementary objectives:
1, Corporate: Be kind and do more for the environment, create a premium aesthetic, and create production efficiencies across the portfolio.
2, Consumer: target the premium ‘foodie’ consumers with our unique product range drinks pairing messaging and tie in our brand mission to do more for the environment from the pack out. In doing so we will create targeted consumer awareness alongside increased retail listings and distribution.
We created a premium standout black packaging, contrasting with the bright varietal hero colours. Illustrations, copy and logo were strategically designed to capture hearts and minds at the shelf edge. The choice of an eco craft paper allowed us to highlight the new plastic-free packaging across the portfolio. Structural design changes allowed for the new ‘Flowpack’ production method to be introduced across the range.

“These will change civilisation as we know it!” 
Richard H Turner, Co-Founder of Hawksmoor


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Project featured: on 28th July 2022

Made for Drink - Packaging