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GlouGlou is an independent Shrewsbury wine bar with strong environmental and ethical policies. A place where people can go to try new wines, enjoy their old favourites and explore Shropshire’s fantastic food producers.

We helped launch GlouGlou as a Shrewsbury one-off, combining their aims and finding their underlying sense of humour and creativity to build a new brand.

Branding story:

Location | Tradition | Craft | Authenticity

All crucial in what they sell; if GlouGlou doesn't make it, the chances are that it comes from just up the road or a vineyard so authentic it's like stepping back in time. GlouGlou works with traditional producers who farm and make food the same way as the growers who make the wines.

Our approach to their branding follows these principles, and we added some of our own: to be bold, fun and authentic; this is how we see it. This is GlouGlou at its best.

The logo is hand drawn and designed with the fun in mind. Craft comes in spades; outside, the frontage displays traditional signwriting by Josh Monk, and the furniture inside is handmade by Ian Wood. The walls are filled with Matt Sewell murals, and the staff t's are screen printed locally by Hopefully Made.

All these crafts require patience, experience and skill, the same as all of the GlouGlou suppliers.

Grid references in their online Manifesto take the curious to where in the world GlouGlou source their stock. It conveys how far off the beaten track GlouGlou is prepared to go for the best quality.

Photos by Levi Thomas capture the atmosphere as a venue, how intimate and lively. How bold, fun and authentic.

Colours have been chosen to fit the two sets of principles; earthy, rural tones sit alongside fresh and vibrant colour. Combinations can be calm or combative to fit the message.


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