Andrea Foresi Associate Creative Director


When it came to creating the new Bentayga EWB Azure, Bentley pushed themselves out of their own comfort zone – fusing incredible comfort and awe-inspiring capabilities with the largest body SUV they’ve ever made.

With this campaign we wanted to create a more emotive, narrative based piece of work, where we took Bentley themselves outside their own comfort zone, to create their first animation and live action piece. Showcasing how the EWB has wellness and comfort capabilities like no other, creating the ultimate comfort zone for the owner and their families, we used this space to share inspiring stories of women who epitomise how going outside your comfort zone can lead to extraordinary journeys. Two inspirational versions of the film were created with Nellie Bly being the hero for our global markets and Diana Barnato for our China specific execution of the campaign.


  • Bentley MotorsClient
  • anatol gottfriedPhotographer
  • Ben BrandFilm Director
  • EddyFilm Director
  • Quentin BaillieuxIllustration Director
  • EddyIllustration Director
  • Stephanie HuttonCreative, Art Director
  • * Andrea ForesiSenior Creative, Art Director
  • * Roy CohenExecutive Creative Director
  • * Wilf SaundersProducer
  • * Jack ReedCopywriter
  • * Kirstie DallasHead of Creative

Who pooled - Comfort Outside Your Comfort Zone