Anattic Manchester


Matt Page, Head of Production at Anattic led the project as Producer, teaming up with Director Andy Poyadgi to bring the script to life. Andy has a rich history of comedic TV adverts, and an “incredible ability to portray humour without the need for much dialogue” says Matt, who therefore jumped at the chance to get Andy onboard. Heatable’s TVC was an easy yes for Andy, saying that the premise “immediately stood out and made [him] smile - always a good sign when considering a project”.

The commercial involves stay-at-home dad Gary, who falls fowl to his busy wife’s only demand: that he fixes the boiler. With this task hanging over him, Gary does his best to ignore it. However, it takes objects in his house, such as the fridge magnets, the radio, and a toy robot, to reiterate his wife’s BOILER demand and force Gary into action.This task, which at one point seemed mammoth, with Heatable’s speedy turn around was a piece of cake, and gave Gary his happy ending.


  • Jack WallbankClient
  • Andy PoyiadgiDirector
  • AnatticProducer
  • * Anattic

Who pooled - Garys New Boiler