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Tommy Hilfiger has a huge Instagram following; 13m huge. And it offers everything from preppy, classic, Americana styles through to hip-hop inspired street style focused looks. But in the world of Instagram, which – at its best – is about niche, passionate communities, creating credible connections with a variety of fashion fans in one place is challenging.

That’s why the brand asked us to set its Tommy Jeans products apart online, to deliver its brand DNA, to reflect the fan’s eye view and get a solid nod from street style-loving, drop-fixated audiences. Nothing gets by this niche. As well as credibility, the brand wanted to create clear connection between content and commerce.

We launched TommyJeans, with its own content and influencer strategy, driven by data, audience insights and sound knowledge of the fashion landscape.

If brands are fast and loose with ‘authenticity’, we had it at the heart of the channel from day one. From creative to art direction, locations to cadence, we mirrored fashion fans’ lives and digital behaviours. If Lewis Hamilton is the right influencer for TommyHilfiger, Danial, an up-and-coming radio DJ from East London, is perfect for TommyJeans.

With a collaborative, experimental mindset built on testing and optimising, we went from brief to live in 10 days. We saw @TommyJeans explode from zero to 130,000 engaged followers in six weeks. Incredibly, it’s now bettering the performance of @TommyHilfiger to become the brand’s highest-performing
e-comm channel.

And we’ve only just begun. Watch this space.

Engaged followers, in just six weeks

Impression rate, surpassing initial launch
phase follower target by 86%

Uplift in product views due to Instagram content, surpassing all eComms targets


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