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Nike has a global ambition to be a true partner to everyday Athletes. To better reflect this, and to provide a membership experience relevant to the athletic community of Hong Kong, our team was tasked with creating a new personalised membership platform. The redefinition was shaped by an analysis of what consumers valued the most:

Early access to the best products
Experiences - in terms of events as well as services
Recognition - for their achievements and loyalty to Nike
Expertise - athletic coaching from top names in their sports, and personalised product advice

Our challenge was to introduce existing Members to the new Membership program, to attract new members (mainly active teenagers and young professionals) and to increase direct sales.

Aligned with the overarching global strategy, we created a locally-relevant online platform with nike hk as the central hub. The platform is centred around four main benefits that are all tailored to the members shopping behaviour and interests: Member-only products, coveted experiences, exclusive rewards, and Nike experts.

We worked with the Nike Shanghai strategy team and the Hong Kong business team to roadmap the platform. For the first launch, we created a hyper relevant local experience reflecting the spirit of Hong Kong. The online experience was created to ensure offline and retail still played a pivotal role. The result is an O2O experience where mobile wallet and geo targeting bridge the gap between offline shopping, retail and our membership offerings online.

A first version of the NikePlus platform was launched at the end of March 2019. It contains all benefits with the exception of Nike Experts, which will be introduced at a later date. Along with the platform, a first test of an online-to-offline retail experience was released. The launch was supported by marketing communications online and in-store.

To mark the start of the new personalised membership program, all existing members received personal ‘unlocks’ (exclusive offers) reflecting their interests and rewarding their loyalty.

Nike passes and unlock cards in first 48hrs

Traffic increase vs before launch

Increase in buying members

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