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With all Costa stores closed and the UK in lock-down due to Covid-19, Costa asked us how we could help them stay front of mind and relevant to their customers through lock-down and as we start to emerge on the other side.

We realised that with everyone stuck indoors, the nation was missing their daily ritual - a coffee break - whether it was on their way to work, a morning break, or as an afternoon pick-me-up.
Of course everyone had bigger concerns, like their health and that of loved ones, job security, or juggling workload and child care. But routine, and connections with community, are essential in good times and bad.

And from a flat white fix to a place to catch up with friends, Costa has always been about bringing that community atmosphere and feel-good factor to customers’ mornings and we weren’t going to let lockdown stop that.

Introducing Feel Good Fix. A daily content-based coffee break, created by AF, to bring the feel-good factor back to Costa customers’ mornings and show them that the nation’s favourite coffee shop has adapted to still be here for them.

Our fixes landed at 11am each morning, and ranged from books to get through the boredom, to feel-good news stories to put smiles on faces, and recipes to make popular Costa treats at home. Our primary objective was to remain front-of-mind and build brand love through a sense of community, even while stores were closed. Without any media budget to support, and given how disparate people's routines were during lockdown, our main measure of success was through positive sentiment and engagement rather than reach.

The organic social campaign was met with overwhelming positivity.

Increase in overall social sentiment - the highest it’s been in a long time.

Viewers were highly engaged and positive, with over 642k organic engagements.

Comment sentiment analysis demonstrates that the FGF posts helped to provide some much-needed joy, routine and connection during lock-down as well as strengthening the Costa community despite store closures.

“Absolutely love these posts! So positive and uplifting, everything the world needs right now!”

"Great video, some positive news for once can't wait for the next one!!"

"This is amazing! So uplifting during these times, nice one Costa!"


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