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Knorr, the UK’s number one stock brand, gave AnalogFolk the challenge to make their products relevant to younger families and more adventurous cooks.

To dial up the emotion of the brand, Knorr launched an omnichannel brand campaign which focused on ‘the joy of everyday discovery’.

AnalogFolk realised that this audience did not have to be told what they should discover everyday, instead they needed to be reminded of the great experiences they have had in the past. They have travelled and adventured, they have enjoyed nice meals and drinks with friends. They are living a rich life and they share their experiences on social media.

Our idea is Eat Your Feed. A tool that analyses your Instagram feed, and serves up a personalised selection of recipes, based on the experiences you've had.

The solution taps into an existing audience behaviour: capturing and sharing adventures on Instagram. Whether it’s hiking Machu Picchu, rocking out at Wilderness with the kids, or eating your way through the latest pop ups, Eat Your Feed will match exciting new meals ideas to your memories.

Accessible on mobile, desktop or tablet, simply connect your Instagram account and the tool suggests recipe ideas along with ingredients and cooking methods to create quick and tasty meals. People can save the recipes, or with a few clicks add the ingredients to a shopping basket.

AnalogFolk used visual recognition and individual image data to build the bespoke AI algorithm, and trained it to understand posts that match to the perfect recipe. Each Instagram post holds a rich source of information including the time it was submitted, geolocation and, of course, phrases and keywords within the caption. For the image itself, AnalogFolk incorporated the IBM Watson™ Visual Recognition service to identify scenes and objects in the photo for example nature, beach, lake, snowboard etc.

This resulted in a rich list of keywords that the bespoke prioritising algorithm scored in order to assign the perfect recipe match.

Alongside AnalogFolk’s Eat Your Feed experience, W Communications, Knorr’s PR agency created the World’s first Instagram powered restaurant. The one-of-a-kind dining experience let diners discover personalised dishes based on their own feeds in a live restaurant environment.

Eat Your Feed launched in March 2018 and quickly caught the attention of trade and consumer press including Creativity, Campaign, The Drum and Evening Standard.

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