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Back to school 2020 – whether returning virtually or IRL, Coronavirus has amplified anxiety for most kids. Our challenge was to build a campaign that inspired and gave confidence to Gen Z at this pivotal time of year, as well as continuing to build on Foot Locker’s new brand platform, Shoes Don’t Change the World, You Do.

For this year’s campaign, we wanted to amplify those who never really feel like they fit in, but who embrace this and inspire others to be themselves, with confidence. To tell this story, we worked with two inspirational Gen Z talents - Abisha and Jordan Charles.

Model and presenter Jordan is using his voice to celebrate albinism and being different. Abisha, London-based queer musician and singer-songwriter, is passionate in her mission of inspiring her audience to embrace their differences.

For back to school season, we launched the second instalment of Foot Locker’s new brand platform, Shoes Don’t Change the World, Being Yourself Does – depicted in the stories of Jordan and Abisha and directed by Salim Adam, running in EMEA across retail, digital and social.

To reinforce the celebration of uniqueness that our changemakers are looking for, Foot Locker partnered with TONL (an organisation helping to make photography more diverse), to create a special photographic collection. TONL’s drive to change the status quo aligns with Foot Locker’s own pursuit of equal representation and their dream of building a better and more progressive world.

The campaign has just gone live, results to come.


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