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I am currently studying Fashion Communication & Promotion in my second year. To me, fashion allows an individual to self-express and be understood by others, from a young age I have had a profound interest in how clothing can portray a message about one's self. I love how fashion is inspired by art, music, history and culture. During my studying, I have been introduced to both contemporary and historical fashion and my fascination with the ever- growing progression of the industry has made me determined to pursue a career in fashion. Magazines and periodicals such as the Face, Nylon and Vogue have expanded my interest in fashion journalism. I believe that journalism plays a crucial role in the portrayal of concepts and opinions within the industry as well as encouraging the growth and development of fashion globally. My current favourite upcoming trend for 2019 is soft suiting, the notion of layering a structured blazer or vest over a romantically easy dress is something that I find beautifully dominating yet elegant and truly represents the diversity and power that us women possess in fashion, careers, and everyday life. I believe that this makes the entire trend flamboyant, yet classy and inspirational for the viewer. My enthusiasm for pursuing creative and article writing as a career began in school, when I was encouraged by teachers and acknowledged for being a successful writer. My confidence grew further when I was able to develop my teamwork skills through working as a sports leader, consequently earning my sports leader certificate as well as an added certificate for sports personality, which I believe are useful skills to have in a fashion environment when working in a team. I received a grade B in both English language and literature in GCSE. After leaving school I spent a year in sixth form studying A Level history and photography; subjects which I thoroughly enjoyed because of the balance in both academic and practical work that both of the courses offered. However, I thought to be successful I needed to focus directly on the career I wish to pursue. Whilst studying fashion communication and promotion I have learnt about all aspects of the subject; from the business and merchandising sector to styling and personal shopping, where I can combine my knowledge from business studies in GCSE. I specifically thrived when practicing the analytic work that the course required this year. The course has also allowed me to learn outside the classroom by taking trips, which gives me visual evidence of the projects that I study. I was intrigued by the 'Style is Eternal' Yves Saint Laurent exhibition and the shoe collection at Bowes museum, there I was able to see the sketches that the French designer had originally created next to the actual finished outfits in detail, this put my knowledge of design into perspective. I have been on trips to the London for research and to New York in January 2018. In New York i visited the MET museum and the museum at FIT. I was able to gather primary research and gain inspiration for my blog and upcoming projects. My knowledge of fashion is constantly developing on a daily basis and my education is strongly supported by my interest for the subject I study, along with my determination to achieve the best possible grade I can. I've had the chance to study independently- by doing so I have learnt life skills such as organisation, planning and development- these skills gave me the ability to organise a college fashion show in which we raised money for the 'Home start' charity which was a great success and allowed us to organise another fashion show this year- that raised money for two more charities- 'Trending' and 'Kym'. I am able to balance my part-time job at Crathorne Hall Hotel with my college studies, which has resulted in me growing in confidence from handling situations with customers and the general public as well as teaching me to trust my intuition and manage my time effectively. I aim to play a vital role in the future of the fashion scene and hope to pursue a career where I can travel and work in the fashion industry, I feel that this opportunity will give me the skill and ability to do so. In addition, I believe that I would bring my own sense of authenticity and unique style.


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