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Dutch drugstore Etos’ new Christmas campaign continues the message of "it’s lovely what something little can do”, created by agency TBWA\NEBOKO and crafted start to finish by Ambassadors.

Brand: Etos
Marketing Director: Madelon Altena-Bogers
Campaign Manager: Rahsaan Janssen

Music: Darius Dante

Creative Production: Ambassadors
Director: Nick Groeneveld
Creative Director: Justin Blyth
Lead Creative: Nick Groeneveld
Producers: Arjan Eekels, Coen van Oostrom
Sound Producer: Zoë de Regt
Editors: Bram Koopmans, Zon van Noordwijk
Colorist: Amy Besate
VFX Supervisor: Sil Bulterman
VFX Artists: Micha de Graaf
3D Supervisor: Ralph Meijer
3D Artist: Sjoerd de Greef
2D Animation: Rink Hof
3D Animation: Nick Groeneveld, Sem Assink, Ronald Toes
Designers: Nick Groeneveld, Rachelle Slingerland
Layout & Storyboard: Nick Groeneveld
Character Design: Rachelle Slingerland
Sound Designer: Rens Pluijm


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