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Amaze works with Unilever globally, across a number of different business units and stakeholders.

Our remit has expanded significantly since then, including being made responsible for managing the Unilever brand in the digital domain and owning the digital execution for campaigns such as Project Sunlight.

We were commissioned by Unilever to be part of a major programme of work updating and upgrading Unilever's main site, including a comprehensive visual redesign to improve user engagement, website optimisation, information architecture and content strategy, as well as the adoption of responsive html front-end.

Additionally, we needed to help Unilever to reduce the error counts in the individual countries websites, as they had slipped to an all-time high.

Our Approach and Solution:

In order to upgrade their existing site, we worked closely with Unilever's in-house IT and external communications teams as well as other third party agencies. The work streams included the development and implementation of the solution architecture, strategic co-ordination and support across the company’s global digital operation, training, project management and content services.

Amaze worked in partnership with Unilever to set out a firmer approach to protect the brand and improve quality on the corporate websites' in individual countries.

We built a consistent global digital presence for Unilever. The new site, which took three years to develop, will, at its completion consist of more than 60 local sites, rolled out in 95 different countries, in more than 25 different languages. The first of these to be rolled out is the Unilever global site, which went live at the end of April to coincide with the launch of Unilever’s 2015 Sustainable Living report.

The company’s annual Sustainable Living report is at the very heart of the new platform. Easily accessible on all devices, with markets around the world, the solution uses the same Tridion web platform for consistent and efficient communications. The fully responsive site also offers better navigation meaning that customers can get the information they need in a clear and more concise way.

New digital brand guidelines were created and deployed during the process, with project management, training, 24/7 technical support, analytics consultancy and reporting all integrated, to give Unilever’s global Website Editors and Corporate communications team everything they need to stay on brand.


Using data analysis to look at effectiveness and efficiency, Amaze was able to detect and recommend where improvements could be made in the management of the country sites in a number of areas, including which editors in which countries required training.

To accommodate this, new solution training approaches were taken to ensure that editors were up to speed quickly, able to retain information and put their training into practice successfully in the context of the role they perform in the management of the website.

- 53 people received training across 31 training sessions in 2013 and 37 people received training across 16 training sessions in 2014.

Adherence to the minimum standards improved at a dramatic level leading to 2014 seeing zero errors across all country websites for the first time ever.

In the FT Bowen Craggs Index for Corporate Online Effectiveness, and as a result of these improvements, we saw Unilever rise from outside the top 10 to 4th in 2014.

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