Yves Illustrator/​Designer


Client: European Commission / e Directorate General for Trade of the European Commission
Agency and Production: European Service Network (ESN) Post Production and animation: Benuts
Large governemental institutions like the European Commission face the communication challenges. How can you translate complex policies to a diverse audience? How can you make complex stories simple as possible, but not simpler?
e Directorate General for Trade of the European Commission faced such a challenge. Communicating the intricaties of economic policies in a time of uncertainty and resent.
Role: Art direction, illustration, live drawing
Our task was to convey several pages lled with technical terms to the general public. And if possible translate them in a positive and format. Starting with the documents, we used mind mapping to structure the story content. We then designed and art directed a minimalist cartoon line aimed at live animation. e drawings were captured live on camera, ready for post production for additional animation e ects.


  • European Commission Directorate General for TradeClient

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