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Florida-based Rewired Solutions, the AI-driven volume hiring technology, has retained Toronto’s LP/AD to help grow its international footprint as the company takes on new global clients and prepares to launch an automated solution based on information and learnings from deployments across industries over the past three years.

“Imagine being able to fill all your vacancies with people that look like your best employees. That’s what we do,” commented Tim Hearon, CEO of Rewired Solutions. “It’s a pretty compelling offer and we’re being deployed by Fortune 500 companies across the world. Things are growing quite quickly, and we wanted to partner with an agency that not only can help us to manage this type of growth but also offer the flexibility to pivot alongside us as we navigate this new success. We approached LP/AD because there’s a pool of international experience and entrepreneurial background that we felt was the right fit for our culture.”

“Rewired’s AI-driven IP is quite impressive,” commented Alex Shifrin, Managing Partner of LP/AD. “What they’re doing is well ahead of what’s happening in the HR space. Our challenge is to make sure that something this special doesn’t get a beige makeover by over-focusing on the rational talking points. We’re here to make sure that the creative matches the capability.”

LP/AD will help to put together a messaging hierarchy and develop content and execute on digital creative campaigns to grow awareness and help to drive overall business growth.

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About Rewired Solutions

Rewired Solutions brings a revolutionary twist to candidate sourcing and qualification for companies in growth mode. Driven by top performer data that currently fuels the success of some of the world’s largest employers, Rewired Solutions’ "Sourcing as a Service” fuses personalized social engagement with automation, changing the way some of the world’s largest employers hire in a unique and scalable way. A Florida-based company, Rewired Solutions’ platform has been deployed by Fortune 500 companies across the world. Its unique and proprietary technology continues to improve through the assistance of AI and machine learning algorithms.

About LP/AD

LP/AD is a creative and brand strategy boutique with offices in Canada and UK. LP/AD’s clients include Rewired Solutions, Maserati Canada, Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment, Tabasco, Global Affairs Canada, Amdocs, Pharmasave, MaRS Innovation, Canadian Red Cross, Patak’s, FlavourTV and Geneva Centre for Autism.

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Rewired Solutions Retains LP/AD to Grow Footprint