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We are thrilled to announce the worldwide launch of SiteSpace, a website creation tool that is set to empower millions to create and maintain professional, elaborate websites regardless of technical ability. Create your own website today, with our 14 day free trial. 

Designed with the independent creative in mind, ease of use is placed at the heart of SiteSpace. By creating powerful websites from existing projects and articles through seamless integration and synchronisation with Creativepool, SiteSpace enables users to go live on the web in minutes. Bypassing the time consuming methods of traditional website builder tools, SiteSpace is set to disrupt the market by enabling creatives to spend more time doing what they love - creating.

Innovation and timeless design are combined in SiteSpace to deliver beautiful, modifiable layouts, colours and fonts to users - no two sites will ever look the same. Through the fusion of ease and management, SiteSpace gives users the chance to achieve the aesthetic that better reflects them and their brand, in the least time and in the least clicks possible.

Boasting a spectrum of powerful functionalities, SiteSpace is fully responsive and is optimised for any device. With no limits placed on the amount of images, videos or projects users can upload, SiteSpace unlocks unlimited storage and unlimited access. Its capabilities also extend to Unique Domain Names and the ability to analyse intelligent metadata and site traffic through the integration of Google Analytics.

A support system that operates 24 hours and a robust, high-performance back-end ensures that SiteSpace offers the vital building blocks for creating dynamic, sophisticated websites.

We will be giving one lucky #SiteSpace user a free website for life everyday for the next seven days! To enter, share your completed website with us on Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #SiteSpace.

Michael Tomes, Founder of Creativepool said:

“There are plenty of website builders out there. We researched long and hard on each one to find what strengths and weaknesses they had. The main issue we found was just how complicated they all were. Each platform felt, quite literally, like you had to learn an entirely new piece of software. For a busy creative who just wants their work to do the talking, this seemed to us to be quite a distraction from them utilising their core skills and a waste of valuable time.

The majority of the sites talk about how you can “build a website in one click” but none of them really did it. So we created a tool that enables users to create a website that actually meant you only had to push one button! Only then are you presented with tools to personalise your site and even then you are only given the options to change what you really need to. The result: an effective and brilliantly simple website builder that really does let you focus on giving you the time to do what you do best!“

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