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The Brief

Andrea Foresi and Alessandro Miasi have been working together as a creative team (called Twomanycreatives) for years. When they moved to London, soon they realised that getting noticed in the advertising business was no easy task. Then how could the creative team grab Creative Directors’ attention in such a crowded place?

The Idea

They told the CDs the only thing they would have listened to. They told them they won an award.
To do so, Andrea and Alessandro had to use some reliable source though and it had to be Adweek.
So the team mocked-up their website, wrote a fake article about London’s best agencies and made up a fake Editor in Chief who wrote to every Creative Directors they wanted to get in touch with.
Vincent Vague (the fake Editor in Chief) told them they made it to the list of best ass-kicking CDs and invited them to check the article on the mocked-up Adweek website. Finally, every single link on this page was redirecting to the creative team website. Here, Andrea and Alessandro told the CDs they were the creative team that can bring them the next award they’re looking for.

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Date published: 18 February 2017 2017-02-18T09:20:16+0000


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