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The year 2011 ended as the most violent year in the history of Puerto Rico, registering 1,136 murders at a rate of 30.5 murders per 100,000 inhabitants, the highest on the island since 1940. Despite any efforts the government had taken, Puerto Rico’s young adults were drawn to the violence and unfazed by authority.
The Puerto Rico government would have to try a more personal and relevant approach to get through to the youth they were losing. We suggested that if the voices of reason weren’t getting through, perhaps the voices of experience would. Our idea was one that had never been done before, anywhere: enable a real-time dialogue between convicted criminals and free citizens.

We created the first-ever Twitter-lead campaign as a crime deterrent: FOLLOW2UNFOLLOW.
We convinced the Puerto Rican authorities to give Internet access to three inmates so they could set up Twitter accounts and share how miserable prison really is with everyday people on the outside.

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