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With deals like “50 percent off” or “buy one get one free” it was clear that all shoppers wanted to know they were spending wisely and getting the most out of their purchases. However, many did not consider the value of their battery brand. A long-term pricing fight was not an option for Duracell; it would not differentiate the brand in the marketplace, and it would fail to create a lasting impression with consumers. While consumers felt instant gratification when spending less, we focused on increasing value rather than slightly lowering price. To ensure our message resonated with consumers, we thought about what type of product or activity they would want to increase by 20 percent. Our idea was to quantify how much consumers get when they are given a 20 percent increase of two of the most time-specific elements in entertainment—the TV schedule and the length of programming.

We persuaded TV networks to do something unheard of: extend the length of their most popular programs by exactly 20 percent. This execution would shake the foundation of how TV programming was scheduled and go beyond viewers’ expectations, thanks to Duracell’s mission to provide 20 percent greater value.
For example, as the credits rolled during the regular scheduled time of a popular talk show, the “Duracell gives you more” promo appeared and the talk show host returned to surprise viewers with 15 extra minutes of content from Duracell. The host would compare the benefits of Duracell’s 10-battery pack versus competing brands’ eight-pack. To leave a lasting impression, content that was supposed to be revealed the following episode was shown right then and there. This was the ultimate value proposition for consumers as they experienced the importance of 20 percent more from Duracell versus the regular performance from private labels.

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