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My name is Alba and I am 23 years old. I am from Barcelona, Spain, and as you may be thinking I am not always in a party mood. But i quite like parties.

Now, the person behind the screen, you are expecting to find a cover letter about my studies, abilities and all my whole boring history. And yes, you will find this in this letter, but at the end. I quite think is very important to introduce myself as a person, not as the perfect profesional profile that companies expect to hire. So, here I go.

- I am a huge Disney fan. Anybody but me wins at Disney Trivial ever. I am the best. (Such a natural competitive person).

- When I was little, my grandparents gave me a duck as a pet, and my neighbors a turtle. I wait 6 more years to finally get a dog. And she is the light of my eyes.

- I speak to myself in a high tone most of the time. I don some interesting speeches sometimes. And don't be afraid of me if someday you catch me in te street talking with nobody, because my mind is the best listener I've ever have the pleasure to talk with.

- I like to believe that, at Christmas' eve, the Polar Express will stop in front of my house and I will get the chance to pick it and go to North Pole and visit Santa Claus.

- I love reading and I love writing. That's the reason why I started studying a communication degree. And I hope someday I will be able to publish my own book (I am working on it actually).

- When I failed any exam, I could'n stop crying. I am very emotional and spending a lot of hours studying and not getting the results I wanted really frustrated me. But now I am a young adult I am handling my emotions better than when I was a teenager.

And now, after this introduction, my real cover letter.

I've studied Public Relations and Advertising in Barcelona's University. And I have been intern in two different companies. In the first one, I helped in the communication's department. I wrote press releases and send them to offline and online media, also I was in charge of making the clipping and the social networks. In the second one I was the community manager of an aeronautic company.

I would like to get more experiences in the laboral world and make a place for myself in a good company that lets me growing up and keep developing me as a person. Obtain personal achievements as part of a working team that would be capable of recognizing my merits and would help me in what I don't know.

But, beside all of this, I just want to work and I give the best of me for those who want to give me their hands.


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