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Folded into the design of Wraith Kryptos is a cryptographic puzzle marked by coded ciphers that patrons must solve.
Taking Rolls-Royce’s brand promise of ‘Inspiring Greatness’ from a passive experience to an immersive one, followers were invited to participate in a gamified, digital adaptation of the puzzle that’s built, sewn, and painted onto each car.

Gamify the debut of Wraith Kryptos and invite followers to unravel a mystery of Rolls-Royce’s own making.
In honour of the car’s Delphic origins, a cryptographic quiz and site page with hidden devices were developed. The mobile quiz was promoted via social channels and challenged followers to crack the “Wraith Kryptos Enigma”. From Morse Code to Caesar ciphers, the experience served as a true test of wit.

Wraith Kryptos sells out before reaching the public market, as digital lead generation increases by 900%.
The first two weeks of the campaign saw engagement rise by 314% on Instagram and 50% on Facebook in comparison to the previous period. As a result, Wraith Kryptos is one of the fastest-selling collection cars in Rolls-Royce’s history, with the limited run of 50 selling out before becoming available to the public.

“Wraith Kryptos has been undoubtedly the most innovative and future pushing campaign in recent years at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. The execution delivered a fresh bold look for Wraith, whilst capturing the story of Cryptography and engaging both prospects and fans of the marque. This helped deliver the fastest selling Collection Car in recent years.”
Peter Beadle, Global Brand Manager

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Wraith Kryptos - An Enigma