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The wellness trend has fuelled conversations around health and self-care, cluttering our minds and feeds with visions of living well.
Although we understand the importance of proactive wellness, the barrage of information can be overwhelming, making it difficult to decide what is right for us and our lifestyle.

Reconnect the gut health conversation back to a simple and tangible starting point.
Activia’s new ecosystem guides people towards gut health, making the journey to holistic wellness easier. Using a draggable modular card system, the information needed to make the right lifestyle choices is seamlessly presented; tips, recipes, story innovations and inspiration from influencers. With the option to ‘Filter by what you love,’ users can effortlessly browse through categories of rich content including Facts, Fitness, Articles, Home and Food culture.

Activia is helping spread a simple yet impactful message – for a healthier mind and body, the gut is where it all begins.
So far, the ecosystem has been rolled out in over 20 regions globally, with more on the way. With each new person reached, more are making the connection between what they eat and how they feel.

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