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Pioneering technology meets decades of Swiss craftsmanship with the Connected Modular 45, perfectly embodying the values of TAG Heuer.

We worked with TAG Heuer to define, design and develop the software experience of the TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45, a luxury smartwatch that is completely customisable, and the supporting Android app released globally in 40 countries in March of 2017.

Time is precious for the younger generation. In an always-on world where immediacy is the new norm, time disappears in an instant. The moments that matter – those that give time meaning – become the ultimate luxury and social capital.

Combine TAG Heuer’s watchmaking history with the latest technology to create a Swiss made watch that allows a new generation to make the most of any given moment.

Create the perfect watch for whatever you're doing, wherever you are, by giving you exactly what you need at that time. Making these moments more exceptional than ever before.

Add custom watch faces to your curated watch collection alongside over 30 additional iconic TAG Heuer watch faces, bringing TAG Heuer's heritage and its future into one connected experience.


The TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 is a landmark for the future of watchmaking.

Full customisation inside and out enables owners to curate an entire TAG Heuer collection of over 4,000 different watch faces on a single watch, while feature upgrades over time extend the lifespan of the TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 beyond traditional smartwatches.

The ability to personalise each component, to elevate what you’re doing, drives the creation of timeless emotional connections to both watch and TAG Heuer brand, demonstrating why TAG Heuer believes that one day all watches will be modular.

33% Current sales to our new target audience.
+120% Increase of brand mentions on Twitter.
92% Positive sentiment of TAG Heuer.
14.5M Minutes spent in the Connected Modular 45 digital experience.
240K Custom watch face designs created.

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