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The Brief
Rolls-Royce boasts the most discerning customers in the world. The bespoke motor cars commissioned by its patrons are expressions of unrivalled imagination, innovation and customisation. With this in mind, our challenge was set — how can the Rolls-Royce’s website serve visitors with an equally bespoke experience?

The Creative Idea
The site redesign began the same way all Rolls-Royce commissions do: with a clear vision. In partnership with the brand we manifested “The Perfect Host,” an advanced digital platform that not only inspires and connects customers, but also learns from and adapts to their personal preferences.

Unlocking success was also a matter of evolving mindsets. The website acts primarily as the second digital touchpoint with the brand; most frequently a destination after an initial interaction beyond social media posts, paid media and email.

The new website is reflective of this crucial insight. It is a seamless continuation of those initial conversations for millions of visitors each year, noting each individual patron’s provenance and serving content based on known behaviours. Brand fans are entertained and enlightened, and prospective patrons are identified and pre-qualified for nurturing with private one-to-one conversation.

This level of personalisation called for extensive and unprecedented editorial support. A new storytelling hub — Inspiring Greatness — now exists to deliver engaging brand content reflective of Rolls-Royce’s guiding principles. Product narratives are immersive, features are explorative, editorial inspires, and each display perfectly on every device.

These stories are presented with an all-new Design System, crafted to honour Rolls-Royce’s own craftsmanship. Conceived in parallel to developing the global brand strategy, moments of their unique character are presented throughout the Design System. Micro-interaction animations embody the surprise and delight within the cars themselves. Scrolling into pages initiates a replacement of the logo to the Double-R monogram, reflecting the real-world transition from the exterior to interior of the car.

The Impact
31.3% increase in form submissions
36.6% increase in session duration
19.2% increase in average time on page
8.8% increase in number of pages viewed per session.

Since its October launch, the new website has outperformed all of Rolls-Royce’s previous digital platforms across a range of metrics. Accessibility has vastly improved, customers are spending 36.6% more time on the site, and most critically, lead generation has risen by 31.3%.

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars website – The Perfect Host – now offers a personalised, adaptive experience with elevated storytelling prowess. Its ability to establish meaningful and successful customer relationships is now, finally, an equal to the famed Rolls-Royce experience.


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