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Finding ourselves in a hero.

Marvel and PlayStation had an incredible task ahead of them: deliver a blockbuster Spider-Man experience in a media landscape overflowing with costumed heroes and big budget video games.

Superhero action alone wouldn’t win over the hearts of players. Instead, they turned to the reason their hero had endured for half a century: his humanity. Spider-Man wasn’t enough. Marvel and PlayStation needed another hero to win us over. They found it in Peter Parker.

Self-doubt. Fear. Insecurity. These are the struggles of Peter Parker—the obstacles we must all overcome. And when we can see someone no different than ourselves meet them head on to become a hero, we all triumph. This is the driving force behind a high-stakes TV trailer. Here, Peter comes face-to-face with failure, but by summoning the inner strength to be greater, rises to conquer his toughest challenge yet.

Marvel’s Spider-Man launches as an instant fan favourite, winning over die-hard comic enthusiasts and casual gamers alike. A new blockbuster game franchise is born.

Marvel’s Spider-Man would shatter records to become the fastest-selling PlayStation exclusive in Sony's history, bringing in more revenue in three days than Spider-Man Homecoming’s opening box office weekend. The game propelled Sony to record-setting quarterly profits and quickly earned more than every other Spider-Man game ever made combined, transforming our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man into a video game icon.

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