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84% of clothing ends up as landfill or in the incinerator.
It’s time to change the way we see our worn out and old clothing. Not as waste, but as a resource.

Give H&M customers a world-first opportunity; to turn their pre-loved clothing into a new garment, without the use of water or chemicals.
Housed in a giant glass box at H&M in central Stockholm, customers can now remake an old item of clothing with Looop, the name given to H&M’s garment-to-garment machine. Via an app, customers can configure their remake order and select from one of eight new, ready-to-wear designs. They then watch Looop remake their old garment into new, right in front of their eyes.

A striking red yarn installation weaves its way around the physical space, inviting customers to come up from the ground floor. Opposite the machine, eight giant screens display the end-to-end process behind it. Each depicts an individual step as a beautifully animated loop, which come to life as customers walk by. ASMR sound enriches each film to heighten the sensory experience. An accompanying website brings this revolutionary recycling system and its story to a global audience.

A fashion revolution begins, at the end.
During October 2020 at H&M Drottninggatan, Looop whirred into action and welcomed its first customers. From shirts to skirts and odd socks, old was remade into new, to start a revolution and to help change the way we see fashion, for the better.

"We are constantly exploring new technology and innovations to help transform the fashion industry… Getting customers on board is key to achieve real change and we are so excited to see what Looop will inspire." - Pascal Brun, Head of Sustainability at H&M

Created in collaboration with Universal Design Studio.

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