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Jamie Oliver Group has partnered with AKQA to create a new voice-activated recipe service for the Amazon Echo. The Jamie Oliver Skill provides hands-free inspiration to over 160 recipes.

The Skill offers recipes based on eight main ingredient categories: vegetarian, pasta, eggs, fish or meat (beef, chicken, lamb and pork). Start a conversation with Amazon Echo by saying “Ask Jamie Oliver for chicken recipes” or “Ask Jamie Oliver to suggest a recipe for dinner tonight.” Amazon Echo will then recommend a selection of recipes with a brief description to help you choose.

Depending on your preferences and tastes, the service provides advice on timing and skill level. You can ask “Is it easy?” or “How long does it take?”

Once you’ve discovered the right recipe, you’ll receive an email summary, a full list of ingredients and further instructions. The Jamie Oliver recipe service on Amazon Echo will update regularly with new and seasonal recipes.

To enable the Jamie Oliver Skill, simply visit the Skills section in the Alexa app.

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