AKQA launches first immersive documentary for The World Gold Council

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AKQA has launched The World Gold Council’s first immersive documentary series showcasing gold’s impact on humanity’s past, present and future. 

The five-episode series explores the metal’s history, cultural relevance and technological uses. Featuring experts and stories from around the world, the documentary series explores gold’s world-changing impact as an engineering super-material, biological instrument, symbolic creative medium and economic pillar. 

Presented by Dr Hannah Fry, a professor in the Mathematics of Cities, best-selling author and award-winning TV host, the series features experts including clean-tech pioneer Phil De Luna; Tawny Chatmon, an artist who works with gold leaf; and a former F1 championship-winning mechanic.

The first episode is available on TheGoldenThread.gold.org and YouTube from today, with a new episode launching each week. 

James Spake, Global Head of Digital Marketing, World Gold Council, said: “The documentary series follows the role of gold from our past, though the present and into the future, from art and culture to science and technology. It demonstrates the essential role of gold, its undeniable utility and its power to advance humankind. The purpose of the documentary is to increase the relevance and consideration of gold in the minds of investors and consumers alike. We couldn’t be more proud of this series, which is one of the most ambitious bodies of content our organisation has ever created. Gold is fascinating in the way it touches every part of our lives and it’s been a pleasure to bring this to life to such a high standard. The dedicated website is an immersive exhibition of gold that promises to intrigue and inform our visitors.”

Paul Ostryzniuk, Group Creative Director, AKQA said: “With The Golden Thread, we share stories of a metal almost all people recognise, many people possess, yet few people grasp how diverse and empowering it has proven for humanity. Throughout the production, our team was constantly surprised by the legacy and future of this incredible material. It is a canvas for imagination that appears everlasting, and telling its story became an act of repeating our surprise with inquisitive audiences. The World Gold Council trusted our studio to deliver a brand-first in storytelling, and in doing so have created a fascinating insight into the versatility and potential of one of the most recognisable materials in the world.”

The series was created in partnership with production agency The Progress Film Company.


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