AKQA Launches 24 Hour Global Sonic Celebration with WFH-FM

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The Melbourne team created the Work From Home radio station, WFH FM, in March 2020, in the beginning of lockdown as a way to stay connected, and boost morale. Listeners and DJs from across the global AKQA family have contributed, with highlights including Melbourne’s very own in-house barista, Barnaby, hosting a morning talkback show with curated playlists, interviews, and live DJs. 

Conceptualised by AKQA studio concierge Jessica Day with support from Creative director Adam Grant, the station has promoted and built community and creative innovation over the last 9 months.

As 2020 nears its end, AKQA wanted to acknowledge and celebrate this ongoing culture of connectedness – to look to the future with a spirit of hope – with a 24-hour radio event that everyone can participate in.

Co-Founder of WFH-FM, AKQA Studio Concierge Jessica Day said: “A global radio event is something we all need this year. We’re delighted to celebrate all the talent from across the AKQA network, for a big 24 hour event!”

With the help of over 35 local “sound ambassadors” across nearly every studio, AKQA created a 24-hour, global radio event featuring a vast range of music, cultures, personal voice memos and local vibes. 

Launching, Tuesday Dec 15th, in Auckland, NZ, the 24 hour event will move around-the-world creating sound waves across time zones and studio locations. 

Tune in here: https://wfhfm.live/


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