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The task of the campaign was to engage with IT decision-makers at small-to-medium sized businesses in Germany - with the objective of stealing market share from competitors.

We needed to demonstrate the ‘Work Better with HP’ proposition within the current corporate zeitgeist, focussing on showing how HP Notebooks’ innovative technology enables employees to be more flexible and free than ever in the new hybrid working environment.

In order to do this, we tapped into a powerful cultural truth - that Germans are resistant to change, and in their reluctance to give change a chance, German IT decision makers opt for the ‘good enough’ Thinkpad instead of going for the superior HP Notebooks.

So we reintroduced ‘Markus’ , the change reluctant protagonist from HP’s previous campaign, giving him a new role as an HP advocate showing how his notebook provides the freedom to collaborate and connect with his colleagues whenever, wherever (unlike his change-resistant, Thinkpad-using peers).

Anchored with a 60-second TVC, this campaign expands the story from focussing on changes to possibilities. Markus serves as a creative mirror, reflecting back elements of German culture, mindset, and values, in order to speak directly to the local audience and make a meaningful connection with the brand.

Supporting digital activations and social media posts continue to demonstrate how HP’s intuitive design and technical innovations embolden our possibilities to work whenever, wherever, and however we wish— so that working better also means living better.


  • HPClient
  • 617digitalRetouching
  • Alexi GunnerSenior Strategist
  • André BlancoSeniorSenior Creative
  • Anorak FilmProduction Company:
  • Bernd FassDirector
  • Denis ElmaciSound Design
  • Eduardo RodarteArt Director
  • Franko MelischProducer
  • Gabrielle SoriaCreative Director
  • Jens SpöriDOP
  • Jochen ManzPhotographer
  • Markus BiesenbachSenior Account Manager
  • Niklas ScholzCopywriter
  • Rasmus JohanssonAssociate Project Manager
  • Res MatthysCopywriter
  • Thomas BerlinMusic Production
  • Tobias SteinhauserExecutive producer
  • * Oliver DonovanEditor
  • * AKQA Berlin
  • * Jake CooperExecutive Creative Director
  • * André BlancoACD
  • * Chris DetkenMotion Designer
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