Ajanav Mohan Ranjeet Compositor/​ Motion Graphic Designer


Q Pootle 5 is an animated series, inspired by the books by Nick Butterworth, which follows the adventures of a small friendly alien and his friends on the planet Okidoki.

In the series, everyday experiences that will be familiar to children everywhere are transported to a fantastic intergalactic environment and played out in warm, funny stories that should appeal to both little ones and grown-ups.

The theme of friendship is central to the show and throughout the series the exploits of the characters reveal the importance of being kind, tolerant and looking after each other – a theme that can be quite pertinent for pre-school children as they embark on learning how to get along with each other!

The series has been lovingly animated with meticulous attention to detail and has been produced by Nick Butterworth’s son, Ben.

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Date published: 1 November 2014 2014-11-01T22:24:09+0000


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Qpootle 5