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Alzheimer’s Research UK wanted a standout launch for their new brand and to land the point that dementia, most commonly caused by Alzheimer’s, is the biggest health crisis of the 21st century. We needed to raise awareness for the cause and establish the charity as the authority on dementia research.

Our biggest battle was that Dementia is a disease that’s hugely misunderstood. We needed to change perceptions that the condition is an inevitability of age and show that research is the only way to beat it. In short, that research works; it’s worked for other diseases and it’ll work for Alzheimer’s.

We needed an ad that worked as much as a PR stunt as a TV commercial, to highlight the sheer scale of the problem. Nothing beats the power of celebrity for grabbing attention so we created an ad from over 30 years of archive news and documentary footage including famous faces such as the late Terry Prachett.

The Fightback campaign was covered in every national newspaper and major broadcasters and -ironically for a commercial – had its premier airing on BBC Breakfast. The integrated campaign had a huge impact for the growing charity, earning it its first ever entry on the Charity Index’s top ten list of best known-charities, jumping up from 25th before the campaign broke.

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