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L&PM Pocket Books is Brazil’s biggest pocket book publisher. They have thousands of Pocket Books designed to be small enough so that people could take them anywhere. But, the problem is that brazilians simply don’t read too much. According to research, people in Brazil read only 2 books per year on average. On World Book Day, L&PM decided they wanted to do something about this, encouraging people to create the habit of reading. On World Book Day, L&PM wanted to create something that would not only sell pocket books, but also promote reading. We know that people are always in a hurry these days. They’re always running from one place to another, so it’s harder and harder to find the time to read. Unless they read on their way. So, we came up with Ticket Books. Pocket Books that are tickets to the subway... and to the habit of reading. People on the subways are always in a hurry. But, when they’re inside the subway trains, there’s not much to do. Cellphones don’t work, and they are bored most of the time. Time that we thought could be put to better use. To promote reading on World Book Day, we gave away pocket books charged with 10 subway trips. That way, people could transform that wasted travel time into time for discovering how great and entertaining reading is. So, we designed a special collection of pocket books that had a RFID card built into each book’s cover, unnoticeable to readers. The collection had ten different Ticket Books. Because they were books designed to be read in the subways, we created cover illustrations inspired by classic subway maps, making them unique. To reach even more people, we created a website where books could be recharged and passed on to friends. 10.000 Books were distributed. 100.000 trips were transformed into time for reading. More than 2.300 books were recharged on our website. Because of their unique cover designs, and for being limited editions, the books became a must-have for collectors, being traded by people on the Brazilian equivalent to eBay. L&PM, in partnership with São Paulo's Subway Company, is planning to expand the project to different cities launching new volumes of the Ticket Books collection.


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