Shortlisted for a Creativepool award... but I need your help.

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I don't win much... I definately don't win awards.

The last time I won anything was in primary school for a 'design-a-christmas-card competiton'; I won a book token. Since then I've been trying (and failing) to attain such a victory once again.

Enter stage left, the Creativepool Awards and with it, the slim chance of being recognised for my design contribution (namely a bunch of very cool alternative film/TV posters). If I win... well... who knows... but I certainly won't be buying an Enid Blyton book in celebration, that's for sure.

That's where YOU come in... I NEED your vote if I'm to stand a chance. So if you have a chance, and you feel like giving me a moment of your time, I'd really appreciate a little 'press' on my voting name.

Don't do it for the 45 year old me... do it for that 9 year old me who last had his moment in the spot light 35 years ago.




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